House Of Disgrace

House of Disgrace is a unique collection with prints, colour and vintage styling running through every piece. A label which is feminine and romantic with intricate detailing, a collection of wearable treasures, whether you're looking for pieces for a special occasion, or want some everyday glamour in your wardrobe and life. 

  • Small quatities - limited editions

    Each garment is designed in my studio in London and bought to life by the incredible artisans I work alongside in India. The quantities are extremely small which not only is a positive for the buyer , safe in the knowledge that the design is more unique and individual but also reducing waste and promoting slow fashion - the way the

    fashion industry should be.

  • To love forever and last a lifetime

    My designs are timeless pieces. To love forever and last a lifetime. Each garment is designed to bring joy and express a sense of individuality and freedom. To escape from following trends and fast fashion and instead evoke a sense of nostalgia. Creating well-crafted pieces which can be shared and enjoyed between mothers and

    daughters for years to come.

  • Handmade with love

    Working with a small and trusted boutique, family owned supplier in India, I am able to focus on quality not quantity and support skills and crafts which are passed on and preserved across generations. Skilled artisans who produce the garments are extremely proud of their work and the talent that is required in bringing the designs to life. Hand smocking and hand embroidery are their passion and expertise, they are creating future treasures to be loved forever.